I’m so tired… Lawliet even managed to let herself out of her cage ;;; miraculously she came up straight to me when the windows and doors are open lol. There was a whole lot of mess but that’s cleaned - packed my bags for tomorrow and now in the middle of part time work. Gonna get myself something to eat while continue watching anime * ^ * There’s only about 8 more course outlines to go so I’m quite alright. Just needed to somehow organize some time to do some cleaning before leaving tomorrow. 

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[Update on stolen art]


Anime-alley has emailed me personally with an apology. They have also removed all their online stores. I didn’t really expect it to go this far, but in the end it was still their responsibility to ensure the legitimacy of the items at their store. Especially when purchasing items that are too cheap to be true, it probably is. I will consider it an apology accepted, so next time we see them around on the net I hope they’re selling legitimate merch.

It seems that they bought the items from TaoBao, a website known for really cheap imitation items, based in China.

Please, please support the artists directly when you can if they have their own store.

After a bit of digging, a really helpful twitter user managed to ask the Taobao store in question to remove the artwork they stole from me. Unfortunately I can see the rest of their store is full of stolen artwork used in charms but they never upload the actual artwork, so I could not find the original artists based simply from charms.

Please do NOT buy from them: If there’s any way you recognize the original artists from the artwork they’re selling they would remove it upon request;; But I can’t contact them myself (my mandarin it really bad, I don’t know how to talk to them even if I could)

»> The offending Taobao store «<



Lastly just a huge thank you for everyone that helped contact storenvy and signal boosted the original post. I didn’t expect it to get so much attention on social media this quickly, but your support really helped me and the other artists. Thank you very much.

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This whole converting from Mac to Windows is just too tiring for me. My files are everywhere and I can’t even access them ;;; It’s so frustrating and now that I’ll be on the go its even more frustrating. 


Sakamaki Subaru | kinohata (だむ) (dA)
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I woke up late and my body aches lol but I’m good! Gonna make my list for today, get packing and cleaning — and working since tomorrow we’ll be pushing off for home. I just hope I could bring my references with me lol


SVA Typography Class
by Jose Berrio



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