Ahh I’m not too sure, actually, I don’t hear much from the newer courses like Interior/Fashion/Fine Art >u>;; I barely hear from other majors/classes as-is, sorry ;-;

And ahh that’s great! I’m glad you’re happy with where you ended up going to in the end. Mm yeah TOA’s kind of ruthless when it comes to getting students opportunities, haha;; And I’m in Advertising+Graphic Design, actually! I really can’t see myself making a career out of illustration ;;v;; I’ve gotten used to the workload but it’s still pretty stressful, yes. It’s good that they push you since they’re preparing you for real industry work, and it’s because of this standard that it makes it easy for fresh graduates to find work so I guess you get what you work for? ;v; It’s still really hard sometimes though, ahah;;

oh— its okay~! I’m pretty much like that in school except that ryu being in another department helps me get to know other people nee. Though I don’t think I’ve heard of activities on their side o u o Maybe I’ll check it out~ 

ehh I see! I’ve always thought your illusts were cute and you have a distinct style so I just sorta thought you might be in illust ehe. I hope you’re enjoying your time there? despite the stressful hours and sleepless nights somewhat ;;; I just remembered how most of us who drove would nod off during the red lights and how 3 hours is as many hours we’d get per day to sleep lol. I just hope it’s not that bad for you cause that was just plain unhealthy nee. I kinda got out because I felt like the courses then lack the space for people to develop their own styles - everyone just sorta comes out the same somewhat and the syllabus was kinda rocky then. Not sure about it now though~ But you’re hanging on okay? ; A ; 

you hoping to be doing after you graduate? o u o




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a quick comic  to remind myself what to do the next time i forget this simple lesson 


Afternoon~ I’m awake earlier since I made sure to sleep earlier eheee — this weekly goal is to wake up before noon before the end of the week. Lets just hope I stay committed to this. Okay, so there’s work and sorting out to do today. Some inking and a decent sketch - oh right, there’s lunch too but I think I’ll settle my list of things to do before eating. 

My dad called yesterday though. Mm, I think he was worried as to whether we’d have money to eat and such since I’m guessing non of us called and such or asked for money. There was somewhat a lot of silence in our calls though we both try to fill in the blanks with anything we could come up with. I guess us being the not-so-talkative type, its a bit tough to suddenly make up some sort of conversation especially we’re not facing each other. But I sent him a text later and told him that we’re okay - that I’ll try and call once in a while. It must be tough being parents huh.

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Cœur de Pirate — Danse et Danse

Et sur ta bouche, je m’exaspère, 
Tes mots ne cherchent plus à me plaire, 
Le soleil se couche sur des histoires sans repères.

Victor Bykov

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THIS never gets old.

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Started sketching with my pen till it gave out on me. Thought not much time has passed but at least two hours has! So I’m guessing it is telling me to go to sleep lol. Nights everyone~ 


Bluebells by Trees & Castles on Flickr.

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I can’t believe I finished all three Hunger Games books in less than a week —- but I couldn’t put it down and even when I was in pain, picking the book and reading erased everything since my brain was processing and imagining things.

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