23rd August 2014

Afternoon everyone! I finally gots work *^*\ going to try and finish everything by tonight fufu~ so I’ll work bits by bits. And remember when I said I wanted to read a little because a new character showed up yesterday? Well, I did - and I couldn’t put the book down till I finished it = A = I read the whole day till it was almost 6 am when I finished the book. It was the best tiring task ever ;;; and I cried buckets orz. It was truly a great written masterpiece. 



Why Good Anime Is Hard To Make

The anime industry has come a long way over the years. Advances in technology has helped lighten the animation burden by making miss-matched pigments or damaged cels a thing of the past, and studios are finding more ways to reach out to their audiences through legal streams and even kickstarter campaigns.

However, the industry is still struggling financially, and it’s up to us, the fans, to help them out.

Please watch this video, it’s enlightening and still leaves you with hope! 



Commission details:
- 3 to 5 slots open / 5 slots on waiting list (depends on the workload)
- You’ll be given a digital copy (300dpi / A4)
- Payment: Paypal (Prices in USD)
- Works created - for personal purposes only (credit when used for personal blogs etc)

- Prices are for one character (for add ones, do send me an ask!)
- I’m alright with anything as long as its not explicit or offensive. OCs are welcome! Though I’m sorry to say that I would not do yaoi / yuri / R18 etc.
- Up for negotiation (we can be creative together~) And I know that not all of us are blessed with a hoard of cash, so if you’d need me to be flexible, lets see what we can do~ 

If you are not keen on spending as much money (or at least maybe not on these), there are other alternatives too!

Purchase little merchandizes made by me:
Free! Iwatobi sticker set
Diabolik Lovers sticker set
Project K sticker set One | Two | Three
Sword Art Online Pin Badges

Ah.. QAQ A-and thank you so much for those who always support me TuT It’ll be a tough journey to get there but I think my friend is worth every effort ;u; I hope to improve on my art works too so I hope we’ll get along nee! (and hopefully I’ll produce nice things for you *A* 


21st August 2014

Afternoon~ I woke up a bit late but I’m feeling much better than yesterday if not a little groggy but that’s alright. No work came to me today so I’m determined to work on some commissions and new samples. I’m thinking of going more digital this time around since I’m not sure whether this scanner actually works with this computer nee. But I’ll read a bit first since a new character appeared! And I really wanna make out what he is to be to the plot ehe~

On a note: messages replied! Do let me know if you have not received them. 

I was too late.

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Commission 0003

Commissioned sketch~ 
I am now open for commissions! Do drop me an ask if you’re interested~ 

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I worked more than I thought I did! It’s like 4 am so I guess I’ll read a little in bed and fall asleep as soon as I can. One more commission to finish up tomorrow and hopefully some work will come my way too. Goodnight everyoneeee~~