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Anonymous whispered,

I think you are incredibly sweet and cute and I really enjoy talking to you. You seem like a really great friend to people and I wish we lived closer so I can hang out with you irl ;3;

A-ah… I W-wish so too Anon-chan! Even though I try to be the best friend I could, I think its quite tough to be my friend since I can be difficult sometimes - but we could always talk more and find time to spend with one another if you want~ If we’ve talked before, I’m sure I considered you as a friend! ehe //pets//

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Oreo has decided her favorite thing is to jump into my boyfriends arms

OH MY GOD may I have both, bye

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A generation of (five) players with talents that you would see once every ten years.

The Generation of Miracles Kuroko no Basuke

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Oh god, why did I draw this… It was a bad idea…orz

I’m sorry! This has been done before a million times. Also, I remembered they had bunk beds too late… ah… gonna draw happy things now!

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"If you tell a red-bellied sea slug about feelings you can’t tell anyone else, it’ll tell you what’s going to happen in the future.
If it spits up a black rock, your feelings are wrong, and if it spits up a pretty rock…
…those feelings will continue to shine on forever like a jewel.”

Kaname is holding a black rock in the last picture.

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please reblog this if it is okay to anonymously confess something to you

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Game of Thrones costuming details.

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I’m home! Was back about half an hour ago~ ahhhhhh— im so beat! should I even eat? maybe i should just sleep but it’d be nice to laze around and relax a bit rather than staying in bed for so long~